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Inn with tradition

In 1850, Mr. and Mrs. Becker founded today's Gasthof zur Post. Since the post office and the only telephone in the village were located in the house, the name was obvious.

Holiday guests were not yet known. In former times only tradesmen and carters were accommodated. In addition to the tradesmen and carters, stagecoaches and eight-horse carriages, which pulled the snow plough in winter, also stopped off at the "Post".

In 1906/1907 the first sport-loving winter guests came to the Postwiese, which was named after our house. Local carters organized sleigh rides for the guests.

During the war years 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 the sportive/touristic life was completely stopped.

From April 1945 to June 1952 the Gasthof zur Post was occupied by the English. The family members were employees of the English and provided for the physical well-being of the English officers.

On 01.08.1952 Josef Bremerich reopened the inn after extensive renovation work. He constantly modernized and expanded the house.

Ski tourism developed into an important economic factor.

In 1995 Martina Bremerich and her brother Karl-Josef took over the family business in the 4th generation.